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McCovey Chroncast #50: So Much for the Tolerant Left Field

The Giants get off to a rough start thanks to a shaky bullpen and a sinkhole in left field.

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Our 50th episode coincides with the first week of the season and boy howdy is there a lot to talk about! Bryan and Doug sift through the rubble of another destructive series of relief appearances and find the good in a 2-5 start.

We're back to talk about the Giants' first week of the season. Did blowing two saves in one game set them up for a historic run? Is there anything to the idea that the Giants' bullpen isn't hitting luck it's actually carrying over the same performances from last year because it's basically the same composition?

We also look at the performances of each significant player from the past week and wind up honing in on left field, also known as a performance graveyard to start the season. Seriously, left field is so bad that the Giants started Aaron Hill out there.

There are also some Twitter questions and the results from our first ever McCovey Chroncast poll: if you were a closer, what would your blown save style be?

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