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A brief history of the Giants’ seven-year nonsense

Good things happen for the Giants in years that end in the number 7.

Washington Nationals v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

I get asked a lot about the Giants entering an odd year. Sometimes it’s on the radio. Sometimes it’s when I’m having an actual conversation with someone in real life. It’s always followed by a chuckle and a deep sigh. Please do not ask me about the Giants entering an odd year. It’s tired to the point of hot dog/sandwich and cake/pie. The bullpen murdered even/odd years, and it might be the best thing they did all season.

But I’m here to talk about the Year of Seven. Even in the bad years, the Giants do something you remember in the Years of Seven. Here, a quick rundown of the particular anniversaries that I’ll be reminding you of all year:


Barry Bonds breaks the all-time home run record.

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images


Heck, yes. That’s Mayor of 311, me, Goofus, and howtheyscored, and we were there, and you probably weren’t. Thanks, Goofus!


Maybe my favorite baseball season ever. Except for, well, you know, the other three favorite baseball seasons ever. This was the year that I moved from baseball fan to I HAVE THOUGHTS ABOUT THE EXPOS’ BULLPEN.

It’s hard to describe just how awful the Giants were supposed to be that year, especially when compared to the Dodgers. It would be like the Brewers winning the NL Central this year over the Cubs, and that’s not even hyperbolic.


The Giants hadn’t made the postseason for 16 freaking years. They officially locked the ‘70s in a closet, where it remains, growing angrier and more vindictive. Do not open the ‘70s closet.


Dammit. Uh, let’s see, this was the year that the Giants signed Peter Bourjos’ dad. Among other things.

Oh, and they traded for Bill Madlock! Think that’s not important? Think again.

Without that trade, the Giants have different announcers right now. Awful, horrible, different announcers. The Bill Madlock trade was a huge deal, and Kevin Mitchell and Dave Dravecky also helped the Giants in a future Year of Seven.

Also, I was born. This was a very good Giants year, see. Hard to believe it was 30 years ago.


Okay, so we’re getting thinner and thinner as we move back in time, but at least I found this great video:

Willie Mays played baseball in this Year of Seven. That is good enough to qualify for a successful season.


This was announced. That seems important.

So to recap, the even year is dead, but we have a new slogan for these kinds of years.

Lucky 7 fight, y’all. It’s a stretch, sure. But I’m in.