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Will the Giants ever win another game?

The Giants have now lost eight straight and are having their worst start to spring training in nearly a decade.

San Francisco Giants v Kansas City Royals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Of course they will win another game, calm down.

However, Sunday marked the eighth straight loss for the Giants in this young pre-season. They aren’t quite the worst team in baseball so far, but they’re only a half game up on the Braves for that title. That said, the Yankees are currently the best team in baseball and the Angels are the best team in the Cactus League so lets take some grains of salt with our baseball content.

For some perspective, let’s take a look at how the 2017 squad holds up so far against others in the Bruce Bochy era.

When trying to evaluate if you should take spring training records seriously, I would like to remind you that Major League Baseball does not. Once the season is over those games, and their results, are purged from all season records. That data is then relegated to the deep, dark, void that is the un-sponsored content of the internet.

Intrepid McCovey Chronicles super-sleuth NorCalGal dug into the depths of Google to come up with a website that keeps track of spring training wins and losses, so hats off to her. Really fine sleuthing.

These numbers aren’t perfect, as the source only goes back to 2009 and was missing results on a game or two over the years (which I skipped), but as I mentioned, there aren’t a lot of sources for this information so it will have to do.

Early Spring Training Record

Season Wins Losses Ties
Season Wins Losses Ties
2009 4 7 0
2010 10 1 0
2011 8 3 0
2012 7 3 1
2013 4 4 3
2014 6 5 0
2015 3 7 1
2016 5 6 0
2017 3 8 0

Well, then. It’s not the best start they’ve had to spring training, but it’s not the wor— actually, it does appear to be the worst start to spring training they’ve had in almost a decade.

Have I mentioned that spring training records don’t matter? Good, we’re all on the same page. Of course it’s never fun to watch/listen to them lose eight in a row, but at least for now it doesn’t count towards anything other than our pride.

Speaking of our pride, there is only one constant truth when it comes to this time of year that was made even more obvious as I pored through nearly a decade’s worth of Cactus League wins and losses: The Giants will always get owned by the A’s. And that’s really all you need to know about the importance of spring training wins and losses.

So don’t freak out about a meaningless losing streak. Spring training games mean nothing to anyone other than players trying to get a spot on the roster, and that isn’t determined by wins and losses.

Just continue to enjoy the smooth sounds of the Giants broadcasters on the weekends and the tin can torture of the rest of the week as we pass the time until Opening Day gets here. Less than a month to go now and I can smell the fresh cut grass in the air. Meaningful baseball is coming.