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How confident are you in the front office?

Bobby Evans and Brian Sabean make moves, but do they have your total devotion?

MLB: San Francisco Giants-Press Conference John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Daily Dish has posted its annual GM Confidence Survey, which means it’s as good a time as any to reflect on your feelings towards your favorite team’s front office.

The survey pairs Bobby Evans with Brian Sabean and when you consider that Sabean is still very much involved in transactions this makes sense; however, consider that as the public face of the front office, it’s Evans now who must bear the yoke of scrutiny. Besides, Sabean is the known quantity here. Your confidence in him might be high, but after two seasons on the job, how do you feel about Bobby Evans?

Evan after a bevy of moves at last year’s trade deadline, the Giants were caught with their pants down when it came to the ninth inning, a situation Evans regretted to the tune of making Mark Melancon this offseason’s lone big move. Matt Moore and Eduardo Nunez were both solid to solid-plus moves and although Will Smith is lost and gone forever, the thinking for lefty relief help for the near-team was savvy. And the year before, the Giants addressed their biggest offseason need -- starting pitching — in spectacular fashion by nabbing Johnny Cueto and HR Derby starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija.

So if you agree with this assessment, then perhaps you should be very confident in the team’s front office. But if you have other concerns, now’s your chance to vote your conscience.