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Chroncast NL West Preview, Part 1

Eric Stephen and Mike Ferrin join us to discuss how their teams will be a thorn in the Giants’ side.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The best time to release a podcast is at the end of the day when nobody’s near their computer or interested in updating their podcast app as they start the commute home or the dishes that haven’t been washed. We missed the peak morning release window this week, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eventually listen.

This week’s show begins our preview of the rest of the NL West, starting with the loathsome Dodgers and followed by the gritty Diamondbacks. We invited a couple of guests to help us out with those previews and we think that makes them far more entertaining than you, a single-minded Giants-only fan, could ever possibly imagine.

Eric Stephen of True Blue LA helps us understand just how it is that the Dodgers seem to have a Springfield-esque roster of obnoxious characters (obnoxious, of course, from the Giants’ fan perspective) and how their incredible roster just might manifest this year and where we can expect a couple more surprises – because, really, what a team that’s projected to win 99 games needs is even more talented surprises.

And then we bring back Mike Ferrin of SiriuxXM and the pre and post-game show host for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Is Paul Goldschmidt as amazing as Tim Lincecum thinks he is? What did the Mariners get wrong about Taijuan Walker and how is the superior scouting of the Diamondbacks about to cause a world of hurt for the National League.

We also answer some Twitter questions which I think you’ll agree were extraordinary this week.

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