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2017 - 2018 MLB free agent predictions

Predict where the major free agents are going to sign, and laugh at yourself later.

Netherlands v Japan - International Friendly Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

The bad news is that I forgot to do the yearly predictions post for McCovey Chronicles. I do them every year, and I have a lot of fun with them, so I was bummed at my mistake.

The good news is that unless you’re a huge Doug Fister or Miles Mikolas fan, every single free agent is still out there. Our little tradition is saved!

As always, I encourage you to look back at the previous year’s and laugh at all the dumb predictions that probably made sense at the time. Mortimer Irons had Mark Melancon on the Dodgers and Dexter Fowler on the Giants. Good job, dummy. DrunkSeawolf had Justin Turner on the Royals, which, come on. More like DrunkSeawolf, if you ask me. And bradyk2 had Kenley Jansen on the Giants, which sounds pretty cool, actually. But it was still wrong!

The game is simple: I give you a list, and you predict the team that player will sign with. You’ll get about five deep before you realize that you don’t care about any more players on the list, and then you’ll quit before posting. It’s a yearly tradition!

My guesses:

1. Shohei Ohtani - Cubs

2. Yu Darvish - Twins

3. J.D. Martinez - Red Sox

4. Eric Hosmer - Padres

5. Jake Arrieta - Brewers

6. Lorenzo Cain - Cardinals

7. Mike Moustakas - Braves

8. Wade Davis - Nationals

9. Lance Lynn - Yankees

10. Greg Holland - Brewers

11. Carlos Santana - Indians

12. Alex Cobb - Yankees

13. Jay Bruce - Rangers

14. Brandon Morrow - Dodgers

15. Todd Frazier - Yankees

16. Zack Cozart - Padres

17. CC Sabathia - A’s

18. Jake McGee - Giants

19. Carlos Gonzalez - Astros

20. Eduardo Nuñez - Giants

21. Jarrod Dyson - Royals

22. Addison Reed - Cubs

23. Carlos Gomez - Rays

24. Bryan Shaw - Mariners

25. Tyler Chatwood - Mariners

That isn’t necessarily the top 25 list of free agents, but I started getting bored halfway through and started stacking the deck with some players who might interest the Giants. Imagine having an opinion on Yonder Alonso if your team wasn’t going to sign him ...

Missing from my list: Blue Jays, Orioles, White Sox, Tigers, Angels, Marlins, Mets, Phillies, Pirates, Reds, Diamondbacks, Rockies. Some of those seem off, but I’m not going back to change them.

As always, here is a blank for your posting pleasure:

1. Shohei Ohtani -

2. Yu Darvish -

3. J.D. Martinez -

4. Eric Hosmer -

5. Jake Arrieta -

6. Lorenzo Cain -

7. Mike Moustakas -

8. Wade Davis -

9. Lance Lynn -

10. Greg Holland -

11. Carlos Santana -

12. Alex Cobb -

13. Jay Bruce -

14. Brandon Morrow -

15. Todd Frazier -

16. Zack Cozart -

17. CC Sabathia -

18. Jake McGee -

19. Carlos Gonzalez -

20. Eduardo Nuñez -

21. Jarrod Dyson -

22. Addison Reed -

23. Carlos Gomez -

24. Bryan Shaw -

25. Tyler Chatwood -

Do the first five, at least. Or none at all! If you want a bonus question, you can predict which team Giancarlo Stanton will be on for Opening Day (Marlins). Enjoy being wrong! I know I do, every single year.