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Skeeter had a large adult brother, and Matt Duffy’s family hung out with him

[Yoda voice] “No. There is another.”

Classic “thrilled cat” face.
Andy Kuno

And you thought the week was going to end without any important Giants news. It turns out it was going to end with the most important Giants news. Which is, uh, about a cat and player who hasn’t been on the team in over a year. Still, if you can’t get excited about this, you can’t get excited about any cat-related Giants news.

Skeeter, the dearly departed large adult cat of Matt Duffy’s, is not with us anymore. This was unfortunate, terrible news, and I figured that all we would have were the memories of the first time we saw that picture and thought, “Lookit that large silly kitty, here kitty kitty, here kitty.” But there’s another chapter to the story.

Over at photographer Brad Mangin’s site, Tom Duffy explains that Skeeter had a brother, Hoosier, who just happened to live in ... San Francisco.

There is a back story here, but the shorter version is this: in November of 2015, we’d tracked down one of Skeeter’s brothers, the one that was nearly his twin. His name? Hoosier. In the same crazy fashion that year had unfolded for my son Matt and Skeeter, it turned out that Hoosier lived right smack in the middle of (well, sort of)… San Francisco. In the Sunset District, to be specific. Hoosier resides with his human, Professor Doreen Ewert, who teaches at USF. This part of the tale alone still has us shaking our heads. Like, where else would they be living?Now for Hoosier. Seeing him again was like… well, a lesson in the power of genetics. In plain English, it was like seeing Skeeter again, only one week after he left us.

After Skeeter passed, the family went to meet Hoosier, and they were excited to learn that he was also a large adult cat. A very familiar large adult cat.

Tom Duffy

here kitty kitty, here kitty

Tom Duffy

That is one giant cat. And a Giant cat! Even with Skeeter not with us anymore and Duffy on the Rays, there is still a connection to the fluffy feller, and we should embrace it.

Anyway, visit the site for the full story and more pictures. Long live Skeeter. And long live Hoosier, who is just as wonderful in his own rotund way.