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The Giants are meeting with Giancarlo Stanton’s representatives

This doesn’t mean that a trade is imminent, but it does suggest the Giants and Marlins would like it to be.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Giants executives are in Los Angeles to meet with Giancarlo Stanton’s representatives. This does not mean a trade is imminent. It does mean that you should refresh your browser until your ISP calls you personally to make sure you’re okay.

The reason a meeting is important is because the Marlins have to agree to it. They wouldn’t agree to a meeting unless the framework of a deal is in place or very, very close. The Marlins like what the Giants have to offer. The Giants feel comfortable with what they’re offering. The financial terms have been hashed out, mostly.

Now it’s up to the big dude with the no-trade clause.

It could be that, despite all the rumors, that Stanton hates the Giants. Grew up a Dodgers fan, and he was serious about the rivalry. He’s allergic to fog, and he grew up having nightmares about anthropomorphic seals. He thinks the Grateful Dead were overrated, and he honestly believes that Cool-A-Coos are better than It’s Its. He wants to play for the Dodgers, or he wants to play for the Marlins. There is no in between.

Or it could be that his agents would like to point out that California has income tax and Florida doesn’t, so pony up the difference, suckers.

Maybe he wants to know how the Giants plan not to suck next year. I, too, would like this PowerPoint presentation.

Whatever the reason, the fact that Brian Sabean, Bobby Evans, and Bruce Bochy are in Los Angeles, meeting with the representatives of a player under control with another team, means that things are pretty serious. The Giants and Marlins would like to make a trade involving Giancarlo Stanton. The star player has all the power here, which is refreshing, really.

While I’m excited, you’re excited, we’re all excited, I would like to point out one minor point: It would be incredible theater if Stanton rejected a trade to the Giants, forced a trade to the Dodgers, and had to play in AT&T Park as a Dodger nine times every year. Boooooooooooooo. BOOOOOOOOOOOO. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. [takes breath so deep he inhales a seagull] BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

But if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to watch Giancarlo Stanton hit 437 dingers in a Giants uniform over the next decade, thanks. It’s apparently closer than we could have imagined over the summer.