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The Giants did not trade for Giancarlo Stanton while I was on vacation

This is all very upsetting.

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Miami Marlins v San Francisco Giants
This picture has everything.
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According to multiple sources both inside and outside of the organization, the Giants did not trade for Giancarlo Stanton from Wednesday through Sunday, when I was away and barely paying attention. This has been confirmed several times over with a detailed inspection of several different Twitter accounts.

It certainly appears that Giancarlo Stanton is not on the Giants yet, and I would like to provide evidence for this claim. For example, this was the last thing that Ken Rosenthal tweeted about Stanton, and it was from last Wednesday.

While this is empirically good news, I would think that if Stanton were traded to the Giants, that Rosenthal would have tweeted something about it after that last one. Like, even if it was just a “wow!” or “zoinks!” or something expressing surprise. He certainly would have mentioned it, at least.

Also, I’ve read what Rosenthal wrote at The Athletic today, and this was the only mention of Stanton:

The Giancarlo Stanton trade discussions evidently are holding up the market for hitters.

Do you see that? That’s present tense. If Stanton were traded to the Giants, that sentence would probably be more like, “The Giancarlo Stanton trade discussions evidently held up the market for hitters,” and then there would probably be some sort of mention that the trade happened in there. It would be weird to write that in the present tense and then just drop it.

It’s not just Rosenthal, either. The last time Jon Morosi tweeted about Stanton was on November 20, and I’d think that he would definitely have mentioned something about a trade. Between the two of them, someone would have mentioned it. Morosi’s latest article on Stanton contains the following verbiage:

The market for Giancarlo Stanton continues to heat up, as the Giants appear to be emerging as favorites to land the National League Most Valuable Player Award winner, a source tells's Mark Feinsand.

If the Giants already had him, they wouldn’t be “emerging as favorites.” They would already have him, which means they would be something even better than favorites. I don’t think you can even use the term favorites for a player that’s already on the team. For example, “The Giants are the favorites to get Buster Posey” doesn’t make any sense.

And I’ve done some reporting on my own, too.

You would think that if Stanton were on the Giants, Pavlovic would be writing up a story as we speak. He definitely would have mentioned something on Twitter, or he would have responded to my DM with something like, “Oh, no, I forgot to write about the Giants trading for Stanton, crap crap crap, I’m so in trouble.”

So I feel comfortable in suggesting that the Giants have not traded for Giancarlo Stanton yet. There will be updates this week, I’m sure, but as of right now, nothing has changed.

Thank you for reading.