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Dodgers do not win World Series for 29th consecutive year


World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

For the 29th consecutive year, the Los Angeles Dodgers did not win the World Series. They will. Soon. It’s coming. They will eventually win the World Series, and we’ll just have to wear it. They’re too rich, too talented, and too smart not to win. I don’t even like writing these any more because it feels like I’m poking a bear.

This year, however, they got all the way to the end of Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins before dying at the final boss. They are out of continues. They will have to start all over.

Just like last year, I would like to refrain from the abject gloating. The Dodgers still had an amazing season. They went on one of the greatest regular season runs a team has ever enjoyed. They won 104 games. They won the freaking pennant. That has emotional value. I walked out of Dodger Stadium after they won Games 1 and 6, and I guarantee you that everyone there was having one of the best sports moments possible. This all happened in the same season that the Giants were absolutely incompetent and broken. Gloating in the same way that I did in 2014 would seem tacky, at best.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t do something like embed a video of commercials from 1988 again.

Because that will never get old. Ever, ever, ever.

Mostly, though, I would like to take a step back and realize how lucky Giants fans are, and I would like to use a moment in time to express this. When Brian Wilson struck Ryan Howard out on history’s most perfect pitch, I bought one of those $60 sweatshirts from the TV ad that immediately runs. This is because I didn’t want to wait until they had lost in the World Series again, when it would have seemed exceptionally sad to buy and wear one of those sweatshirts.

Then the World Series got here, and it was fun and exciting and nerve-racking, but there was a sense that this year was going to be different.

Then this happened in the first five minutes:

I can still feel the dread dripping down my face. It was so obvious that the Giants were going to lose. They finally got all the way back to the World Series, and they were going to screw it up again.

And then they didn’t. It’s been a long time since Giants fans have felt that sinking feeling that they were so damned close only to have to start alllllllllllllllll over again next year.

That’s where Dodgers fans are, except don’t bother gloating. 2014 was 48 years ago, and the 2017 season was 45 of those years. I sure wish the Giants had won the pennant and lost in Game 7 of the World Series instead of whatever in the hell that season was.

But what I do know is that, for the 29th consecutive year, the Dodgers did not win the World Series. It’s coming. I promise that it’s coming.

It would also be super, super cool if they would do the Braves thing from the ‘90s and ‘00s without the Indians screwing everything up that one time.

Here’s hoping.

whoops i didn’t mean to do that, how did that sneak in there