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Open Division Series Thread

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There is a lot of baseball happening today, let’s talk about it.

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Local boy CC Sabathia gets the start for New York today against Cleveland.
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

There are four playoff games today. FOUR! That’s a lot of baseball. So let’s have a thread to talk about that baseball.

So far, Houston has taken an early lead over Boston and will play at 11:00 am on Fox Sports 1. Meanwhile, the Clevelands have the lead in their series against the Yankees and will play again today at 2:00 pm on the MLB Network

More importantly, today is the start of the National League Division Series, with the Nationals taking on the Cubs at 4:30 pm and the Wild Card-winning Diamondbacks taking on the evil Dodgers at 7:30 pm (both on TBS.)

That’s almost an entire day’s worth of baseball. And I’m not talking that knock-off, designer impostor brand baseball you’ve been watching the Giants play all year.

No, we’re talking the good stuff. With dingers and fairly competent pitching well, a lot of pitching changes, and basically some faith that the losing team might have it in them to stage a comeback.

So, enjoy the baseball and remember that baseball can, actually, be good. It doesn’t always have to suck the life out of you.