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Can you name the 2017 Giants?

Let’s see, there’s Sneezy ... and Dropsy ... and Flailer ... man, this is harder than I though.

Milwaukee Brewers v San Francisco Giants
got one
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We did this last year, and it was fun. I forgot about that guy. And that guy. Remembered that guy. Forgot about that other guy.

It should be so easy. We just spent six months with the 2017 Giants, which means we should know all of them. And yet. And yet.

Your job this morning is to name all of the players who appeared for the 2017 Giants. I’ll give you one: Buster Posey. This should be easy, right? Don’t look at Baseball-Reference like a weenie.

IT’S NOT THAT EASY. I got 47 out of 49, and that was painful. I missed two players, both of whom played the same position, both of whom were close together alphabetically, which allowed their blank spaces to taunt me for the final minutes.

This is your life. This is the hobby you have chosen. You spend all this time with these people, and you can’t even remember them. Shame on you.

(And if you really want to feel bad, here’s that 2016 quiz again. There were a couple names that made me laugh out loud. All we are is dust in the wind.)