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McCovey Chroncast #69 - Caincast

Bryan and Sami have a nice chat about Matt Cain's career and go over the pluses and minuses of the Giants' 2017 season.

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MLB: San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants
Matt Cain records the first episode of his new podcast “Matting with Cain”.
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Was Matt Cain taken for granted? Does Hunter Strickland deserve more scrutiny? Was there *anything* good about the 2017 season? Sami toughs out another week with Bryan and together they discuss all things Giants' 2017, but not before doing an emotional deep dive on Matt Cain's legacy.

And then there's a whole rant about Hunter Strickland followed soon after by a ranking of Buster Posey's top baserunning moments. But what is your favorite moment from the season?

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