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Hensley Meulens is a candidate for every open managerial position ... again

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Ron Wotus and Phil Nevin are also probably being discussed. Again.

Japan v Netherlands - International Friendly Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

The postseason is here, which means the offseason has already started for 25 teams. Of those teams, several of them have a managerial spot open.

  • Tigers
  • Mets
  • Phillies
  • Red Sox

Additionally, Joe Girardi’s contract is up after this season, which means it’s at least possible that another team would want to outspend the Yankees for him ... if the Yankees want to keep him at all. I have a hunch that the Cardinals aren’t as enamored of Mike Matheny as they once were.

That means there should be openings. Just the open jobs already available are a good mix of high profile, big spenders (Phillies, Red Sox), rebuilding teams (Tigers), and teams that are caught under a malfunctioning garage door, screaming for help as a crow keeps hopping over and pecking at its nose (Mets). For managerial candidates, there are a lot of different scenarios and expectations.

This brings us to one of our favorite managerial candidates, Hensley Meulens. He makes intuitive sense on so many levels (smart! not adverse to new stats and technology! managerial experience in the WBC! a danged knight who speaks six languages!), and yet never seems to be a finalist.

They’re at it again.

The Giants have been awfully quiet about their coaching situation, and that’s almost certainly because of this. It would look weird if the Giants fired Meulens when he’s in the middle of managerial interviews, and there’s no appropriate way to announce to the world that, “Look, we just need a change at this specific position, and the only reason he isn’t our manager already is because we have a Hall of Fame manager in place.”

I’m still not sure that Meulens is the problem with the Giants’ hitters, of course, but that’ll have to be a deep dive after the postseason.

There are plenty of candidates all over the place, of course, which is why Wotus, Nevin, and Meulens never get the gigs after interviewing. Chili Davis is the current hitting coach in Boston, and he might just slide right into the role, but he’ll have to fight Gary DiSarcina, who’s their bench coach. Alex Cora is getting a lot of attention for several jobs, and Sandy Alomar, Jr. is another player in the Meulens-Wotus rolodex who is right to have a “go on and stamp your form, sonny” attitude, but this might be the year he actually gets the gig.

If Meulens is passed over, I’m not sure if he sticks around as the hitting coach, because we’re on the second year of the Giants being the only team in baseball that can’t hit home runs, even after you consider their ballpark. I’m convinced he would make a fine manager, though, and it looks like other teams just might agree.