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Giants’ farm system ranked 20th by Keith Law, ESPN

Although our homes will be swept away in a river of bile and pus before these prospects make an impact, the depth is still encouraging.

MLB: Fall Star Game Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants haven’t had a top farm system since the days of wee Buster Posey and teenaged Madison Bumgarner, and that won’t change for 2017 according to Keith Law. According to ESPN’s prospect expert, the Giants’ farm ranks 20th out of 30 teams. However, that’s also their highest ranking in years, which would be somewhat encouraging if we weren’t all going to die before some of these prospects are scheduled to debut, which we are.

While the Giants still don’t have that A+, top-level prospect that helps the teams in the top-third of the rankings, this marks the first time the organization has squeaked into the middle-third, even if just barely. The thin group at the top is buttressed by a deeper pool of potential contributors, especially when it comes to possible back-end rotation and outfield help. As the flesh peels from our skin and the seas of blood swell, swell, swell, washing over and purifying us as we choke and slip under, it will be worth taking a moment to imagine just how fun it would have been to watch some of these players.

The blurb under the ranking was actually more positive than one might expect, with Law writing:

The system does seem primed to continue to pump out extra pieces for the major league roster -- fifth starters, quality relievers, extra outfielders -- to avoid the need for future trades for extra guys like the one that sent Adalberto Mejia to the Twins for Eduardo Nunez.

Law didn’t explicitly reference the coming water wars or the widespread pestilence that would also allow the Giants to avoid the need for future trades, thought it was likely implied.

Here some past Giants organizational rankings from Law:

2016 - 21
2015 - 29
2014 - 25
2013 - 26
2012 - 26
2011 - 23
2010 - 20
2009 - 9
2008 - 9

And some future organizational rankings:

2021 - [n/a: all prospects harvested for their flesh]
2020 - 666
2019 - 259
2018 - 30

So enjoy this 2017 ranking, as it could be the peak of a slow but unmistakable trend. The good news is that several of these prospects are close to the majors, which means we could see Tyler Beede, Christian Arroyo, Steven Duggar, Andrew Suarez, Austin Slater, and Joan Gregorio this season, providing us with some final memories before we are all encased in ash, trapped in an eternal, frozen shriek that will never be heard, as millipedes scuttle in and out of our eye sockets.

The 2017 MLB Draft will begin on June 12, and the Giants will pick 19th, so hopefully the resulting selection will help the Giants in next year’s ranking.