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When did you know the Giants were going to lose last night?

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There was a point, probably before the game was over. What was it?

If you look at the picture long enough, it looks like the ball slipped out of his hand. Whoopsie! What a goof! Ha ha! Anyway, everything is terrible.
If you look at the picture long enough, it looks like the ball slipped out of his hand. Whoopsie! What a goof! Ha ha! Anyway, everything is terrible.
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Last night, the Giants played 8 good innings of baseball, taking a 5-3 lead into the ninth, and one bad inning, and the bad inning was so bad that, and stop me if you’ve heard this before-

(Everyone reading this tries to stop me)

No, this is for your own good. You’ll thank me one day. Builds character, you know.

Anyway, they lost. But there was a point during the game, probably before it was actually over, that you knew. You were just absolutely certain that no good could come of this game and that baseball hated you this year. What was that point?

Before the 9th inning started

Well aren’t you a special pessimistic little snowflake? "Casilla’s coming in," you said. "It’s over." Your less knowledgeable about baseball friend, sitting next to you, maybe thought you meant something else. Why are you so confident, thought your friend. What do you know that I don’t?

A lot. Boy, you know a lot.

After Arenado’s home run

Nolan Arenado hit a leadoff home run in the ninth last night, and there was at least one valued Twitter user who immediately thought it was over:

But I didn’t! I thought that Nolan Arenado homering against the Giants in a close game at some point during the series was such a fait accompli, that they picked as good a time as they could for it. Really, with a 2-run ninth inning lead, there was no difference between an Arenado single and an Arenado home run. Why not just let him hit it a mile?

Anyway, they lost.

When Osich hit Blackmon with the pitch

After Casilla gave up a one-out single to Some Guy Who I’m Not Going To Look Up and left the game, Josh Osich came in to face Charlie Blackmon. Blackmon hadn’t started in this series because of a lingering back injury, but he came in to pinch hit against Casilla and Bochy went to Osich, getting the lefty-lefty matchup he loves so very, very much. Osich came in and immediately struggled throwing strikes, which he does, and on a 2-1 pitch, came too far inside and hit Blackmon.

At this point, the Rockies were down a run with 2 on and 1 out, but to me, it just seemed like there was no way anything was going to go right. I can’t explain just why that was, other than the last two months of Giants baseball, but I completely skipped even the knot-in-my-stomach part of the anxiety. They were going to lose. They were just going to lose and there was nothing anyone could do about it. This is my pick.

The bloop single

Joe Nathan came in and immediately gave up a can of corn to shallowish left center field that, because Gorkys Hernandez was playing way out in right center field, was a ball that Angel Pagan had to catch.

Angel Pagan did not catch the ball. Hey, here is a tweet from Andrew Baggarly about that play:

Yeah. That ... was maybe not the optimal outcome.

I’m a true fan and I believed in them until the very end

To quote Bob Dylan, "I don’t believe you. You’re a liar!"

Or, fine, maybe you watch baseball differently than I do. Hey, good for you. I hope you can keep being optimistic for the rest of the year. I hope the Giants give you a reason to be. Good luck with that, and if that sounds condescending, I assure you, I really, really hope you have good luck with that.