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McCovey Chroncast #39 - To Boldly Go Down in the Standings

Statistically, the Giants aren't doomed. And if there's anything we've learned from statistics, it's that a numbers-based detachment from reality is the best way to weather doom. Anyway, in this week's Chroncast, we talk a lot about what the Giants losing *really* means and the awesome power of Star Trek and how we can connect it to Giants history.

Bruce Bochy prepares to eat Matt Moore's hat.
Bruce Bochy prepares to eat Matt Moore's hat.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

You're probably wondering if we have any insights into the Giants' second half of doom, but the whole point of fandom, and in particular fan analysis (or fanalysis), is that there isn't any insight to be had, only educated guesses based on intense observation. To that end, we're looking at the Giants' collapse simply for what it is: losing. Lots and lots of losing. Does it matter why they're losing? Does coming to some sort of understanding about the nature of their consistent loser performance help us come to an understand of what might be in store for them (and by extension, us)? No.

The Giants are bad because they're losing. They're losing because they're not playing well. They're not playing well because the Giants are bad. That's all there is to it at this point. At least, that's how it seems to me. Doug's perspective is a little bit different...

But not much different.

The one thing we totally agree on is the cultural impact and significance of Star Trek and we try to compare 50 years of the show's history to 50 years of Giants history. Which Giant in Giants history is the most like Captain Kirk? Which Giants stadium is the Enterprise? We also answer your Twitter questions and suggest new ways to watch Giants games. It's a fun, loose chat that will soothe the latest walk-off monster in Colorado. Really!

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