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Giants give false hope, then lose 3-2 in 13th

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Thank goodness for blown saves¹! /sarcasm voice

San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

The Giants had a very, very good chance to win this game, especially being up 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth. It was so close, but no. This just had to be the time for a Santiago Casilla mistake pitch that lead the game into extras.

Getting hits were not exactly the Giants’ forte, as—though they had a lead!—they did not get a hit until the 5th inning, on an Eduardo Nuñez double. You could say, “I guess, at least, they weren’t no-hit today!”² Small victories, yes, but this was a game within reach, so it’s still annoying.

Johnny Cueto had a good start, though, and the Giants should’ve gotten the win³ for him. Should’ve, could’ve, almost did, et cetera, et cetera.

Just as that saying goes, there’s also the saying that you can’t predict baseball. Man, what a time for that to kick in.

In other news, Cueto, in general, is amazing.

The bullpen looked rather good, though, despite Casilla and Matt Reynolds’ mistake pitches. The defense was rather decent, too. Again, small victories.⁴

Here’s some numbers for you, though:

That’s not good. Those are the kinds of stats that would make you nauseous and hurl in the general direction of numbers.

So the Giants are off to Colorado, where they will probably get no-hit, maybe, maybe not. But also hopefully, there are no Giants who are said to be injured as they arrive in Denver.

¹I mean, my goodness, why are saves a thing?

²Although, at this point, I would not be surprised if the Giants do get no-hit at some point if this level of play keeps up.

³I am also not really for the wins and losses column, but I mean, a win would’ve been nice in this situation.

⁴Small victories are great, but if the Giants keep this up, I’m going to throw a cat toy at the TV screen.