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Gordon Beckham can do an outstanding Jake Peavy impression

The two were teammates on the White Sox, and Beckham had a little fun with Peavy four years ago.

It has to be weird, getting traded with a week left in the season. Especially when you know you're not eligible for the postseason. Does Gordon Beckham even, I don't know, root for the Giants in the postseason? He would get a ring, I guess, so sure. But it seems indescribably odd.

But Beckham isn't a stranger to all of the Giants. He was a part of the same infield as Conor Gillaspie for a couple years, for one, and he played behind one Jake Peavy, excitable scamp and widely beloved compatriot.

At some point, Beckham realized he could impersonate Peavy. And if he wore his sunglasses and sleeves just so, that he could look a little like him, too. Via the Internet, we have a video, and it's pretty spot on:

Still am curious about the exact logic that makes a smart team acquire a player for a single week, but this probably makes it worth it.