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McCovey Chroncast #41: Tough Times

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As the Giants enter the final week of the season with a shot at the playoffs, we can't help but think back to every other opportunity the Giants have had in the second half of the season and literally squandered or else outright refused and wonder if it's better to forget this year and think about the future. But before any of that happens, we need to talk about Jose Fernandez.

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

You'll read many elegant tributes and tearful remembrances of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez in the coming weeks and months, but in the meantime, Doug and I dedicate the opening of our show to exchange our favorite memories of him and discussing his impact on the baseball world and what his loss serves to remind us of -- because death doesn't have to be the end of memories and those memories that remain should inspire us to take stock of our own lives, what we have, and what we might leave behind.

And then there's the whole matter of the dumb stupid Giants and their dumb stupid ways. What's wrong with them, you ask? Literally nobody knows, and for once, we have the same amount of information about the players as the front office does. What does 2016's historic collapse mean for the 2017 team and beyond? Can the Giants rally around the label of ending this year as the worst team in baseball when starting up again next year? Or is it all a hopeless cause and you, me, and everyone in between should focus on other pursuits like reading or watching TV or... whatever else it is that people do when they're not watching baseball...?

How does the Giants' window of success compare to a long-running TV show? There are a surprising number of similarities between the San Francisco Giants and, say, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or House. We also answer your Twitter questions.

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