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The third inning of Vin Scully's final broadcast will be covered by CSN Bay Area and KNBR

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I would have also accepted the entire game, but this is a fine compromise.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The final call of Vin Scully's 67-year play-by-play career will be on October 2, when the Dodgers play the Giants in San Francisco on the last day of the regular season. This is a piece of baseball history, and the Giants are lucky to be a part of it. As a tribute to Scully, both KNBR and CSN Bay Area will carry the entirety of Scully's third inning on radio and television, respectively.

An aside: In in the middle of a Scully article in which I make fun of the Giants fans who loudly proclaim their dislike of him. So if you're rolling your eyes at this news, please explain why in a very long, elaborate, impassioned, and quotable comment below so that people on the internet can make fun of you later. Thanks.

While I wouldn't mind the entire broadcast carrying Scully's call, I can understand how people want to end the season with their hometown broadcasters, especially considering that it will be the last game of the year when the Giants lose in the ninth to a Dodgers team resting their regulars for the postseason. You want a familiar voice to tell you that things aren't going to be alright after all.

My only suggestion is that should end the regional blackout on for that one day. It's kind of silly that I have to make think I'm in England just to hear the broadcaster of choice. I'm not sure if that's legally feasible -- contracts are a helluva thing -- but I'd at least like them to try.

Either way, a beautiful career and an era that defined a sport is coming to an end, and we're lucky enough to have it happen in San Francisco. We'll also get to listen to 11 percent of it thanks to the awareness and graciousness of the Giants' broadcast team. Well done.