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Help evaluate how the Giants have done defensively this year

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You can also evaluate Matt Duffy’s defense through the tears.

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

If the Giants win the World Series this year, he wrote with a lobotomized grin, their defense will be a big part of it. Specifically, their infield defense, including the feller behind the plate. But that’s just me talking! I don’t want to influence you on how you vote for, aw nuts, let me start over.

You have a chance to vote for the Fans' Scouting Report, a worthwhile labor of love from the very, very smart baseball man known as Tom Tango. The instructions are simple: If you’ve watched a lot of Giants baseball, then you’re qualified to evaluate just how well Giants defenders rate in certain categories.

Caveat #1: If you mainly watch on TV, you can’t possibly evaluate a player’s first step. So skip it and move on.

Caveat #2: Don’t consider the position the player plays. What do you think of Buster Posey’s arm? It doesn’t matter if he was a college shortstop and closer. Answer the question. Don’t be coy.

Caveat #3: Have you watched this yet? It might influence your vote, so don’t let it, but it feels like nobody remembers anything from more than six months ago on the internet. I actually sent an email to get this video, like a real journalist:

Caveat #4: You know how you shouldn’t pay attention to anything I say, write, do, or recommend? Well, break those rules and help rate the defense of Giants players! The ratings are aggregated and included on FanGraphs’ defensive pages, which gives us a "wisdom of crowds" component to use in addition to the vast repository of defensive statistics. It’s an extraordinarily helpful tool that I believe in wholeheartedly.

So go rate! It’s what I’m going to do the second I publish this article. And you know how you should pay attention to everything I say, write, do, or recommend. So come along with me into the land of evaluation.

Evaluaaaation. Come help.