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McCovey Chroncast #40 - Sweep / Stakes

The Giants are on a roll, but given that it happened in Arizona, was it all just a mirage? Also, I'm mentioning Santiago Casilla in the same breath as Armando Benitez now, which just doesn't seem fair.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants get their first sweep of the second half and they finally have a memorable game in September that harkens back to successful seasons of yore. Do the next few weeks promise more of this sweeptastic Giants team or something more akin to the majority of the second half?

Meanwhile, Santiago Casilla's 8th blown save on Friday night means he's blown as many saves in a season for the Giants since Armando Benitez. But Casilla's frequent failures feel a lot less his fault and a lot more his manager sextupling down on one of his players just to prove to the clubhouse that he'll back his guys through thick and thin. Has Bochy really learned his lesson, or will Javier Lopez keep getting chances to walk the one guy he'll face in a series?

We also answer your really good Twitter questions, explaining why Yoenis Cespedes will never be a Giant and why STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE is a slow movie. You might already know the answer to the Cespedes bit, but there's a good chance you'll learn something new about the Star Trek fact. Wait. What's that? You've already tuned out? Fair enough.

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