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Come watch a night of baseball chatter at Pitch Talks!

Jon Miller! Andrew Baggarly! Bobby Evans! Jonah Keri! More!

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

On Monday, August 29, there will be several outstanding baseball minds gathered at the Independent in San Francisco for the Pitch Talks series. And me. If you’re around, and you have the extra scratch, this is a pretty impressive lineup. And me.

  • Bobby Evans
  • Jon Miller
  • Jonah Keri
  • Dave Cameron
  • Wendy Thurm
  • Andrew Baggarly
  • Alex Pavlovic
  • Eno Sarris
  • Jane Lee
  • Ray Ratto
  • James Yoder (CEO, Chat Sports)
  • David Meltzer (CEP, Sports 1 Marketing)

And me! I’ll be on a panel with Eno, Dave, and Wendy. For my money, though, I would be most excited to watch a taping of the Jonah Keri podcast with Jon Miller and Bobby Evans, which seems cool on 40 different levels.

Tickets are $25, and it’s an off night for the Giants (obviously), so we hope to see you there!

Remember: Avoid eye contact with me, and plan to meet back here after it’s all done. Thanks.