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McCovey Chroncast #36 - Still in first place!

The Giants have been losing a lot, but not yet their position atop the NL West. Bryan and Doug try to figure out what it all means; they also make their pitch for what the next statue should be to go up outside AT&T Park.

It hasn't been pretty, but the Giants are still in first place.
It hasn't been pretty, but the Giants are still in first place.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The second half of the 2016 season hasn't been kind to our favorite baseballing squadron and there's no guarantee that their bad luck and bad play will "balance out" before the season ends. And yet, they're still in first place. Playoff hopes spring eternal. We look at what's gone right and wrong over this stretch that's seen the Giants lose a league-leading 18 out of 27 games and from that mess what might actually be a portent of good things to come.

Meanwhile, the Giants unveiled a statue for Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry and that compelled us to consider the next *two* statues the organization should commission. Who's deserving of statuesque immortality at China Basin and what famous pose from their playing days should it feature?

There's also an appreciation of George Kontos before we answer your Twitter questions, which is something you won't hear on any other podcast in the history of broadcasting.

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