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This ad says Andrew McCutchen is on the Giants, and I'm pretty sure that's legally binding

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Ugh, this is awkward, Pirates, but we'll make it up to you.

This is a New Era advertisement being run across the internet, including right here on McCovey Chronicles. No big deal, right?




Why, it says that Andrew McCutchen is on the Giants. What a silly mistake!

Except I talked to a lawyer.


And he told me the following:

LAWYER: This is 100-percent legally binding.

McC: Just because it was on an advertisement?

LAWYER: Yes. Completely legally binding. Andrew McCutchen is legally on the Giants now.

McC: Wow.

LAWYER: This is completely correct and real.

There you have it, then. Andrew McCutchen is on the Giants, and he'll probably play center and bat third. This is a very, very important day for the franchise, and I'm happy to share it with you.