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The Giants shouldn't get injured so much

It's just a bad decision

This is Buster Posey, and he couldn't play because of an injury, and that's bad
This is Buster Posey, and he couldn't play because of an injury, and that's bad
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants have had a bad run of injuries this year, with Sergio Romo, Matt Cain, Angel Pagan, and Hunter Pence all on the DL. Now Buster Posey is hurt as well, and while the word is that he'll play tomorrow, we can't know that for sure. All these injuries have led the Giants to play different players, which is bad for the team because if those players were better than the now injured players, they'd have been starting in the first place! Therefore, I think it was a bad idea for all these Giants players to get injured.

Just think about it for a moment. Take just about any player on the team and ask yourself, "Would the Giants be better if he were hurt?" They wouldn't! If that player was hurt, then they'd have to call someone else up from their AAA team in Sacramento, and the whole reason those guys are in AAA is that the guys in the majors are better. So you can see how these injuries are bad for the team.

But getting injured is also bad for the player. Think about it: every player's goal is to perform well, and if a player is so injured that he can't play, then he can't reach that goal. So why would he get so injured in the first place? What possesses a person to think, "Oh, hey, I'm going to get so injured that I can't do my job now"? It's just completely nonsensical. Someone should sit down with these players and have a chat with them.

But the worst part about all these injuries is that they mean the players are letting down the fans. And not just Giants fans either, but the truest fans in baseball: daily fantasy sports players. Every day, these fans are finding good deals on great players, starting them, and then watching them not play. Just imagine if someone had started Buster Posey today, only to watch him not play because he hurt his thumb. I'll tell you what – that fan has a right to be sore about that.

And let's not forget the biggest reason why it's weird that all these players are hurting themselves – it hurts. Did you see Hunter Pence running down the line and suddenly stopping? He was clearly in a lot of pain. When Matt Cain landed wrong on that mound in Colorado, it was the same thing. I'm sure Romo, Pagan, and Posey were in just as much discomfort, so why would they do that to themselves? it is just baffling to me that players would subject themselves to all these problems with no material benefit. Unless someone gives me a good reason why they do this, I'm prepared to say that they should just cut it out.

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