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You're still not voting for Buster Posey enough

Buster Posey is losing to Yadier Molina in the 2016 All-Star voting, and we can't have that.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Buster Posey still isn't leading the All-Star voting in the National League. This is an abomination, and I'm holding you all responsible.

It's time to give up the dream for everyone else. Belt is great, but Rizzo is having an even better season for a team that's high on win dust. Crawford just might be the best shortstop in the National League, but he's trailing yet another Cub, and a guy who was the biggest ... piece of news in April.

Posey is the chance, then, and this feels like a referendum on something. We all know that the Giants and the Cardinals are the most obnoxious teams in the National League. I know, I know, the Dodgers are awful, and the Cubs are rising fast in the Obnoxious Power Rankings, as the best teams always do.

But the term "obnoxious" isn't thrown around lightly, and it has a lot to do with winning. The Cardinals are always in the NLCS, give or take, and they are fond of reminding you of their rich baseball tradition. The Giants have won three World Series since 2010, and their fans are very fond of reminding everyone that the Giants have won three World Series since 2010.

I mean, I would never do that, but those people are out there.

This is a battle for the Class of the National League, where both teams know they're just so very great, and they would like to remind you of it by simply existing. Yadier Molina is the heart of his team, the literal heart, distributing blood to teammates when they look weary. Buster Posey is the face of baseball, the actual face of MLB, hero to most, slayer of others.

And Molina is winning, dang it.

You know what this is going to make me do? Actually vote for Buster Posey instead of admonishing you and forgetting to vote. The Giants are in first place, and their franchise cornerstone can't even beat some old-timey catcher from a third-place team?

For shame. There is still a month, though. Hopefully, Posey's thumb will heal, and he'll start a furious hot streak that will light the dark side of the moon. Until then, vote. Buster Posey is losing to Yadier Molina in the 2016 All-Star voting, and we can't have that.