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McCovey Chroncast #28 - June Swoon

The Giants went 3-4 last week and lost Hunter Pence for two months. But it wasn't all bad! Madison Bumgarner was dominant. Just... try not to think about Jeff Samardzija right now.

Bruce Bochy attempts to defuse a bomb.
Bruce Bochy attempts to defuse a bomb.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

You don't really believe that as soon as the Giants enter the month of June they become a collection of moronic, untalented, reprehensible baseball players in name only, do you? Well, if you did, you'd have ample evidence to back up your feelings. Over the past several years, the Giants have been... suboptimal in the month of June.

June 2016 has been no exception, and we're only 5 games deep! Does Samardzija's 4-homer game mean we're doomed? Does Jake Peavy mean we're doomed? Does the bullpen mean we're doomed? And what about Matt Duffy? What's going on in his head?

We ponder these important and somewhat existential questions as well as your Twitter questions in a light and humorous manner, perfect for any long trip or simple yet lengthy office task. Also, this week's Chroncast is a bit longer than usual, so you can listen to half today and half on the second off day this week. Or listen to it twice! You won't believe the words coming out of our mouths sometimes. Doug decrees that Cardinals fans are the best people on the planet! Bryan questions the Giants' ability to win!

We also answer your Twitter questions: who do we think will get traded? What's up with Javier Lopez? If a Giants player was actually a band from the 1990s, which band would he be?

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