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Please buy these very important Giants shirts

You, there. You, with the disposable income. You probably need these shirts.

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Hello, and welcome to another edition of Please Buy These Very Important Giants Shirts. Father's Day is coming up, you know. And we turn to our good friends at Breaking T, who have come up with two new shirts for us.

The first one celebrates Madison Bumgarner, who hits baseballs with great gusto and aplomb. You might say he rakes, so now wear him raking. Or something.


You can buy it here. You should probably buy it there.

The second shirt is probably the most important shirt you will ever own. It captures a time and place, and it will become timeless even after the event it anticipates has passed.

splash 69
You can buy this shirt here. I will point out that the last t-shirts you were told to buy aren't available anymore. They go quickly. When I was in sales, they called this building urgency. But I mean it.

Thank you for your time, and now go spend some money.