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Buster Posey has a slim lead in the 2016 NL All-Star voting

Just over 100,000 votes separates Buster Posey (Oreos) from Yadier Molina (Hydrox).

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This is not a drill. There are 30 hours left for All-Star voting, and for the first time since balloting updates have been released, Buster Posey is leading Yadier Molina by 107,000 votes. The Giants might have an All-Star starter after all.

If you were wondering about the difference between the two, Posey is the catcher who’s effectively tied for the league lead in WAR according to Baseball-Reference and FanGraphs. He’s the former MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Face of MLB, the player kids dream of becoming one year. He’s also the one with the best catcher-framing numbers, and he’s the one who almost certainly smells the best, with a gleam in his eyes that you just can’t measure.

Yadier Molina is the crusty dude behind Drew Butera and Sandy Leon in WAR this year, the one who’s down to catching 30 percent of attempted base stealers, just under the league average. Posey leads the league at 59 percent, if you weren’t paying attention.

If you wanted to make an argument that the All-Star is supposed to be started by the random players who had the best April, May, and June, then you can argue for Jonathan Lucroy and Wilson Ramos, both of whom have a recent history of being disappointing, that’s your right. You’re wrong, but fine.

If you want to factor in star power — if you want some stars in your All-Stars, like a normal person — then you’re going to want to combine a great, historically significant career with a strong season.

Buster Posey has both of those going for him. Yadier Molina has just one.

Vote early. Vote often. Vote Buster. You think it doesn’t matter until the World Series comes around in an even year, and you realize it’s the difference between your team getting all the cool weekend games or all of the lame midweek games. This is important, people. This is your weekend we’re talking about. Don’t let a Cardinal ruin that.