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Hunter Pence on DL, Mac Williamson up

The news isn't fully in from the MRI, but it doesn't look good.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Hamstrings are temperamental jerks. We've known this for years. It won't change until the machines take over. Here's another chapter in that story: Hunter Pence is going to be out for a good, long while.

Mac Williamson was called up to replace Pence on the 25-man roster, but he's been slumping since we last saw him in the majors on May 8, hitting .235/.262/.407 in 84 plate appearances. That came with a rough strikeout-to-walk ratio of 24-to-3, with two homers. So if you're wondering if Bochy is going to play the hot hand ... I'm not sure if he has one.

The Giants will likely use Gregor Blanco in right field against right-handed pitchers, but only when Angel Pagan comes back from his hamstring injury.

If Pence needs surgery and misses several months, it's possible that the Giants will use their organizational assets to acquire an outfielder. Here's a piece suggesting that Carlos Beltran is a good fit, which riled some folks up. Here's a piece suggesting that Jeff Francoeur is a good fit, and we should register our disgust with this idea on social media! Harumph.

(No, seriously, Francoeur has been worth -5 wins in the last five seasons, so even if you don't trust WAR as a perfect metric and give him five extra wins, that still wouldn't make him desirable to a contending team. He's fine as an extra outfielder on a young team that needs a veteran. You stop that, Henry.)

Pence did a good job on his hamstring because the guy knows how to do a good job. In this case, that's a shame. Every team has to deal with injuries on the road to the postseason. This one just stings a little more than most.