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Kelby Tomlinson placed on DL, Ramiro Peña called up

Everyone is surprised that Tomlinson was hurt, including Tomlinson himself. Oh, June.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know that Kelby Tomlinson was hurt? It was news to me. He sprained his left thumb diving for a ball on Wednesday. Then the doorbell rang. It was June. It punched me in the ear and took my wallet. I’ll miss that wallet, which contained money.

More specifically, June took another backup infielder away from the Giants. Let’s talk about the news, here, and rate it on Juneiness:

  1. Kelby Tomlinson is hurt. That’s 6 out of 10 on the June scale. He was doing well, but it’s not like he was a starter.

  2. Sergio Romo was moved to the 60-day DL to make room for Ramiro Peña on the 40-man roster. The move was retroactive, so it’s not as if Romo has to miss more time now. The last we heard, Romo had a "little setback" with his elbow. The 60-day news is a 1/10, but the "little setback" is a solid 7/10.

  3. Ramiro Peña is on the roster. That's a 5/10, if only because I hadn’t heard of him before this winter, and now he’s totally going to get a ninth-inning at-bat against Kenley Jansen for some reason.

Peña is a career .244/.288/.330 hitter in 610 major league at-bats (!), but the 30-year-old was hitting .304/.360/.424 in Triple-A, similar to his numbers last year with El Paso. Those are stats that suggest that, no, he shouldn’t start, but his high-contact bat and flexibility mean that he’s probably capable of holding down a utility job in a pinch. Which is what he’s doing.

So heal up, Kelby. Get that foot together, Ehire. And welcome, Ramiro! Do good things.