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Recapping the second day of the Giants' draft

The Giants took another college outfielder in the 2016 Draft, picking Heath Quinn out of Samford University.

It's the second day of the 2016 MLB Draft, and the Giants pick just as often as every other team. Take that, stupid free agent compensation rules.

My idea for today -- and it could be a spectacular failure! -- is to make this a living post, where I update after every pick and dump all of the video/reports I can find about the player around the Internet. You're free to use it as an open draft thread, of course, not that it would have stopped you jackals if I wrote the exact opposite.

We'll start with the Giants' third-rounder, who was drafted #95 overall:

Third round - Heath Quinn, OF, Samford University

While the Giants know they'll probably have to watch out for that Samford swing, it looks like they're determined to ditch their reputation as a black hole for outfielders. The right-handed Quinn reportedly has a ton of power, and he starred in the ...


... you'll never believe this, but ...


... he starred in the Cape Cod League.


Baseball America had him ranked as the #48 prospect available, writing:

The right-handed hitter has plus power and knows when to attack pitches to make the most of it. There are some holes in his swing, but he shows good plate discipline and will work his share of walks. Quinn is a capable corner outfielder, grading out as average or slightly above average for his speed, arm and defense. had him as one of the players to watch on Day 2 of the Draft, ranking him 55th overall. Their report is encouraging:

He doesn't have the prettiest right-handed swing, but he's exceptionally strong and makes enough contact to do damage. He's also willing to take a walk when pitchers are loathe to challenge him.

A good athlete for his size, Quinn has average speed out of the box and is a shade quicker once he gets going. His solid arm strength helps him fit the profile in right field, where he gets the job done.

Quinn walked 44 times and struck out 55 times in 242 at-bats this year, hitting 22 homers.

It seems like the Giants are accumulating high-risk, high-reward outfielders who are slipping in the draft because of contact concerns. I can dig it.

Fourth round - Matt Krook, LHP, Oregon

Krook was the #35-overall pick by the Marlins in 2013, but he decided to matriculate at U of O instead. He needed Tommy John surgery a few months later. Welp.

But that was years ago! He's back. Kind of. Here's what has on him:

Things clicked for a while as the spring wore on, but then he lost the ability to throw strikes again. There were times he looked like the first round arm many thought he would be this year, with a low-90s fastball and a devastating power breaking ball. He could have an average changeup as well in time. In other instances, he's looked lost on the mound.

Yeah, I'll invoke the Brandon Crawford Rule on this one: Draft the former first-round talents when they're around several rounds later and trust your player development skills. True Blue LA had a nice writeup of him here, if you're interested. Let's check in with Baseball America:

Krook's stuff and resume screams star.


He's a wild card whose signability could be in question as a redshirt sophomore.

Aw, nuts.

Still, that's sweet gamble to take in the fourth round. He went to high school at St. Ignatius, so maybe the Giants can convince him to sign.

He pitched in the Cape Cod League last year.


Fifth round - Ryan Howard, SS, Missouri



GIANTS MAKE MOVE FOR okay you get it, anyway this Ryan Howard is a much smaller baseball player, and the Giants have drafted him before, in the 31st round of the 2015 draft, so he obviously impressed them even more this year. Baseball America's scouting report:

His range is fringe-average at best but he does make the plays on the balls he reaches and he has an above-average arm. At the plate Howard can handle velocity and his size (6-foot-1, 192 pounds) leads evaluators to believe he will add a little more power to the underwhelming 8-10 home run power he demonstrates now.


He played in the Cape Cod League last year, you know.

Sixth round - Gio Brusa, OF, University of the Pacific

Brusa is a senior with very little leverage, so if you're wondering where the Giants might get the money to entice Krook to sign, this might be a part of it. He hit .337/.418/.614 for UOP this year, with 14 homers.

From Baseball America:

Brusa has identified breaking balls better, laying off them and showing the bat speed to catch up to good fastballs. He's shown a solid-average arm and runs well enough to play right field. Brusa could go out 15-20 rounds higher than he did in 2015, when he was taken in the 23rd round.

You'll never believe this, but he's a veteran of the Cape Cod League. Here's a video from last year:

This is the only draftee so far who was born before I graduated high school, but they were all born after Nevermind, so whatever.

Seventh round - Garrett Williams, LHP, Oklahoma St.

What are you going to get in the seventh round? Something like this (from Baseball America):

There a few bigger enigmas in this year's draft than Williams. Because of control troubles, Williams has pitched very sporadically-in three of his 10 appearances this season he was pulled without recording an out. He heads into the draft having thrown only 12 innings as a junior.

Yep, that's about right. Video:

Williams has pitched in the Cape Cod League.

Eighth round - Stephen Woods, RHP, Albany

Another high-risk, high-reward arm from the land of Walksylvania, Woods has an intriguing scouting report from Baseball America:

Woods has lights-out stuff but doesn't have the ability to use it yet. He can pump his fastball into the mid-90s and shows a powerful, tight-spinning curveball as well as a hard cutter. He has strikeout stuff, and if he can harness it he could be something special.

Sounds like proto-Ray Black.

Woods pitched in the Cape Cod League last year.

Note: We've reached the portion of the draft where there isn't any video available.

Ninth round - Caleb Baragar, LHP, Indiana

Perfect Game had this to say about the Baragar, who seems to be the Standard College Lefty that the Giants like to get at least one of in each draft:

He can miss bats at a solid rate, mixing and matching a solid fastball with varying off-speed looks to give hitters different views. He will be a solid senior sign.

I would have guessed that scouting report if it didn't exist already. This is another place where the Giants can pick up a little money to shovel Krook's way.

This is a video from three years ago, but it's a pretty good one:

Another, from last year:

He ... my word, he did not play in the Cape Cod League. Way to ruin the streak, Giants. Now what do we do?

10th round - Alex Bostic, LHP, Clemson

Another senior lefty, Bostic throws a little harder than Standard College Lefty according to Baseball America:

Bostic has good size at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds, and a stabbing, lengthy arm action that profiles him as a reliever as a pro. He also has flashed two above-average pitches: a fastball in the 90-94 mph range, and a hard slider in the 78-80 range with some depth that scouts rate as above-average.

Here's a video narrated by drunk college kids:

Bostic also did not pitch in the Cape Cod League. It feels like everything we know is a lie.

The tally after the second day of the draft: Nine picks, all college kids. The difference with this draft compared to some of the others in the past is that it feels like the Giants got a few players that weren't expected to drop as far as they did in the first couple rounds. They made up for their prudence later, drafting big arms that were attached to underwhelming results.

Sounds good to me, alright. Good draftening, Giants

Here are some stats for all of the players. The benefit of drafting only college players is that the stats are easy to find on The Baseball Cube!

Bryan Reynolds OF 224 13 8 5 49 58 .330 .461 .603
Heath Quinn OF 242 21 4 2 44 55 .343 .452 .682
Ryan Howard SS 217 5 10 0 29 33 .295 .381 .433
Gio Brusa OF 202 14 1 2 26 41 .337 .418 .614

Name Throws ERA IP BB SO HR
Matt Krook L 5.03 53.2 49 68 0
Garrett Williams L 6.23 13 10 19 1
Stephen Woods R 5.57 64.2 41 88 4
Caleb Baragar L 2.49 86.2 22 74 4
Alex Bostic L 5.13 33.1 27 44 2