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The Giants aren't leading at any position in the first 2016 All-Star Game ballot update

Buster Posey is close. Brandon Belt is second. But that's as good as it gets.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This was almost predictable. For whatever reason, since the great Giants ballot-stuffing nuttiness of 2013, the Giants haven't done so hot when it comes to All-Star voting. So it's not a huge surprise that the first National League ballot update is up, and the Giants don't have a starter.

It's a minor surprise, though, that they have just one player who is especially close.

You can vote here, you know.

[Giants fan takes exaggerated drag of cigarette at the end of a long, silver cigarette holder]

Darling, it's simply undignified to spend your time on a popularity contest. That's for the regular people who don't have even years to keep them warm

Dang it, there are six Cubs in the starting lineup. Six! Meanwhile, the only player who is close in terms of raw votes is Buster Posey, who trails Yadier Molina by just under 80,000 votes. Brandon Belt is second in the voting for first baseman, but Anthony Rizzo is getting nearly four votes for every Belt vote.

Here's the current voting update:

Remember, you don't have to be a Giants homer to think that Posey, Belt, Crawford, and Pence are deserving starters. And, at the very least, you have to picture several thousand people who follow this great sport of ours making a conscious decision to prefer Yadier Molina over Buster Posey. On purpose! Harrumph!

As you can tell by the low vote totals (no one over a million yet, when Josh Donaldson got over 14 million by the end of voting last year), it's still early. There will be pushes and surges and push-surges and re-pushes and other made up things. Last year, the world came to its senses and voted Posey in. This year, he's just starting to heat up, and hopefully that continues and adds to his surge-push.

But if you were expecting a starting gig for any of the other Giants starters, the outlook isn't so hot right now. They'll have to count on Terry Collins and a mish-mash of players and coaches if they want to beat last year's total of four All-Stars.