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The Giants' lineup has been historically awful over the last four games

It's not just you. This is atypical, even for the worst Giants teams you can remember.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Giants have scored three runs in their last 39 innings. This is not optimal. And even when you consider how pitcher-friendly AT&T Park can be, even when you include the weeks when the Candlestick winds were blowing straight in and chilling an awful team, this is still a rare feat. Really, be happy that they actually won one of the games.

How rare is it? Well, there's a search for that! When you limit the search to just San Francisco teams (because it's easier and yay local sports team), here are the teams that have had four-game stretches with three runs or fewer:

  • 1992 (one run from 6/21 - 6/26)
  • 1958 (two runs from 7/23 - 7/27)
  • 1985 (two runs from 6/5 - 6/10)
  • 1975 (three runs from 8/16 - 8/20)
  • 1980 (three runs from 9/3 - 9/6)
  • 1996 (three runs from 7/30 - 8/3)
  • 2015 (three runs from 6/12 - 6/15)

Those '92 and '85 teams were actually five-game stretches, so we don't have to worry about history over a five-game stretch! The Giants can only tie for second place. [crosses fingers].

I was at the start of the 2015 streak, lucky me, and it was one of the dullest games of my life. Here's what the 2015 Giants did in that stretch:

132 PA, 21 H, 5 doubles, 0 home runs, 7 walks, 23 strikeouts, 21 runners left on base, .172/.227/.213 line

And what the 2016 Giants have done in their four-game pratfall:

152 PA, 23 H, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 0 home runs, 18 walks, 30 strikeouts, 30 runners left on base, .173/.272/.218 line

The Giants are being patient. They just aren't hitting the ball. And they're missing the ball quite a bit, at least for them. Their batting average on balls in play is low (.223) over the stretch, but I'm not going to read anything into a four-game stretch of BABIP. Besides, I'll wager that Joe Panik's miserable luck is sinking those numbers something fierce.

Buster Posey hasn't had a hit in his last 18 at-bats. The entire lineup is scuffling. In crucial pinch-hitting situations over the last four games, the Giants have sent up Mac Williamson, Jarrett Parker, and Trevor Brown. There are reasons for hope and reasons for panic.

Still, it's impressive that the Giants didn't have a stretch like this when they were tooting around with Emmanuel Burriss and Eugenio Velez. It's even more impressive that this same lineup, with a couple exceptions, went through a similarly miserable stretch at home last year. Remember, even if you think the Giants' lineup is doomed this year, they were unequivocally good last year. Those games already happened, and the stats say they were an above-average hitting team.

They can sure just all take a powder at the same time. I'm sure hitting against Marcus Stroman will fix this.

Anyway, it's not just you. This kind of four-game stretch is rare, even by AT&T Park standards. It shouldn't last, but the hole sure looks deep when you're at the bottom of it.