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Jon Miller's call of Hunter Pence's grand slam was fantastic, hilarious

And Hunter Pence is having fun with it, too.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The scene: The Giants are playing in their home opener. They have the Dodgers on the ropes. It's an exciting moment, with the home team about to blow the game wide open. It's a moment that announcers live for.

Miller nailed it. And then there was a complication!

That is one impressive save. We're talking a ninth inning, one-run kind of save, not one of those three-innings-in-a-blowout saves. The call is outstanding ... and then the slipup makes it art.

Hunter Pence? He's having fun with it.

hunter pence

I'd like to think that they're such good friends, that Posey is over at Pence's house right now, playing Magic: The Gathering.