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Here's the Giants' Opening Day lineup for 2016

No surprises, unless you took the spring off and have no idea why the pitcher is batting eighth.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Opening Day! It's time to lie to your boss and fake a cough, unless you want to put headphones on like you're in an important meeting and listen to the game. If you miss the Giants' very first game, every bad thing that happens to them this season is your fault. You might be the person who ruins the entire even year, you know.

Ah, but we'll get to the blame or credit later. For now, here's the first lineup of the year. Feels good. Looks good.

  1. Span - CF
  2. Panik - 2B
  3. Posey - C
  4. Pence - RF
  5. Belt - 1B
  6. Duffy - 3B
  7. Crawford - SS
  8. Bumgarner - P
  9. Pagan - LF

How does it match up with other lineups from past Opening Days? Take a look.

This one is definitely one of my favorites of all time. You have a 20-homer guy hitting seventh, and a 5-6-7 that could easily be a 3-4-5. All they'll need is health. And pitching. And good fortune. And ... well, they'll need a lot, just like every team with World Series hopes.

I do enjoy the optimism this lineup fills me with, though. Happy Opening Day, everyone.