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Madison Bumgarner's 9 strikeouts, reenacted for charity

The Batting Stance Guy is mimicking Padres hitters looking silly, and we should support this. For charity.

For every strikeout Madison Bumgarner gets this year, clothing company Carhartt is donating $500 to Helmets to Hardhats, a non-profit organization that helps active-duty military members transition into a new career in the construction industry. Bumgarner currently leads the National League with 38 strikeouts, which has raised $19,000 already.

Helping out is The Batting Stance Guy, whose legitimate gift of mimicry never fails to impress. Nine Padres hitters struck out last night, and the BSG reenacts every one. The best is the fake Drew Pomeranz, because he really did look like he was traveling through time and didn't know where he was.

You didn't need help to root for more Madison Bumgarner strikeouts, but now you have it. Here's hoping he tops the $117,000 he would have raised with his 234 strikeouts last year.