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Tim Lincecum throwing on Giants' practice fields in Arizona

That's it. That's the news. But it sure is a headline with "Tim Lincecum" and "Giants" in it.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Lincecum has a good, professional relationship with the Giants. He needed a field to use, so naturally they would be one of the first teams he would turn to. This means nothing. This does not mean the Giants are the leading suitors. This does not mean they're interested in him as a starter, reliever, or team ambassador. This probably doesn't mean anything.

And yet here we have a tweet that includes "Lincecum," "intrigue," and "#SFGiants" in it, and I'm not made of stone:

Will they play Chinese Democracy during the showcase and hand out copies of Duke Nukem Forever afterward? Probably! Hopefully, the wait will be worth it in this case. My real hope for Lincecum's showcase is that he throws 95, signs for $60 million, and wins three Cy Youngs. If we're talking realistic scenarios, I'd like to see him sign with a team that has a clear opening, where he will enjoy immediate success. That team probably isn't the Giants.

Or is it, he asked, shamelessly pandering to a subset of Giants fans who have trouble letting go? When we checked in with our last Tim Lincecum rumor, Matt Cain and Jake Peavy hadn't opened the season with three iffy starts each. Sergio Romo and George Kontos were healthy and on the roster, with Chris Heston being the sensible long reliever. It was hard to fit Lincecum onto the roster we were picturing in February, but baseball has a way of eating those imaginary rosters and using the droppings to fertilize the unrecognizable mutation that grows out of it. It's not a choice between Lincecum and Cain anymore; it's kind of a choice between Lincecum and Mike Broadway.

That's if Lincecum throws well! Which, I don't know, the four-month delay in this showcase isn't filling me with oodles of confidence, not unlike, well, Chinese Democracy and Duke Nukem Forever. But he's still throwing, there's an update, and it tangentially involves the Giants. This has been your Tim Lincecum update for the week.