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McCovey Chroncast #21 - Season Premiere

Baseball is back, you guys. These games count. Which means this podcast now counts.

Denard Span gets jumped into the outfield gang.
Denard Span gets jumped into the outfield gang.
Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

It's the regular season now, and that means I am going to start looking really, really stupid as all my really, really stupid predictions start to be really, really disproven.

Doug and I look back on a 5-2 week that featured two near-sweeps and an historically great Giants-Dodgers game. Like, an all-timer. And it was nearly a top-10 Caining.

We also examine Brandon Belt's contract extension (and deftly avoid making Belt-related jokes at Pablo Sandoval's expense), pick our player of the week (and an honorable mention), and focus on Matt Duffy a little bit more than you'd expect given everything else that happened in week 1 of the regular season. But the big news is that I talk positively about the Giants for five solid minutes. You won't believe your ears.

All in all, a pretty amazing week of Giants baseball and a near-best case scenario to start off the 2016 season.

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