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McCovey Chroncast #17 - Jen Mac Ramos Returns!

This week's guest co-host helps me "celebrate" the 10-year anniversary of the 2006 team, analyze the Rockies, and figure out how the Giants might survive losing Hunter Pence for an extended period of time.

"You do your job, pencil neck! Don't tell me how to do mine!"
"You do your job, pencil neck! Don't tell me how to do mine!"
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Jen Mac Ramos fills in for Doug as we look back at the totally forgettable and somewhat regrettable 2006 Giants team. It's that team's 10-year anniversary, you know. And who wouldn't want to celebrate the 60 games of Shea Hillenbrand, Steve Finley's last full season, and Armando Benitez? Oh, you wouldn't? Well... that's okay!

There's a new segment called "Know Your Foe", where we breakdown the NL West opponents before the start of the season. This week it's the Colorado Rockies. What's up with Dinger? How will they defeat the Giants? Will raising the outfield walls at Coors Field do any good?

We also touch on some McCovey Chronicles site history. If you're relatively new to the place, then you'll definitely want to here that segment.

And then we answer your Twitter questions and try to figure out the pathology of the Hank the Dog conspiracy before playing a quick 90s sitcom game.

As always, your feedback is encouraged in the comments below. Thanks for listening!

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