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Austin Slater hit a baseball so hard, that kids from miles around couldn't find it

Over the fence, over the grass, into the bushes, and out of anyone's sight, apparently.

Giants prospect Austin Slater isn't known for his power. He has some, mind you, but I would have pegged about four different minor leaguers in the Giants' lineup to hit a ball a squillion feet before him.

And yet, look at how dead Slater made this baseball. So very dead.

Yordano Ventura was all ...

yordano face

And then the search for the ball was Adolescent Thunderdome.


Eventually a lucky kid with a Cal hat came up with the ball. Just don't tell him where Slater went to school.

Now let's all wait for Austin Slater to arrive in the majors and fill a position of need during the Giants' even year. It is our way.