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Revisit every plate appearance of Barry Bonds' career, with lines and colors

It turns out he hit a lot of home runs and took a lot of walks.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

In a corner of the Internet, on the other side of the virtual ocean, there is a website about the NFL Draft. Let's see what they have to say about Cal quarterback Jared Goff:

De hecho, el que sea ´tan bueno´ y por ´tan bueno´ me refiero simplemente a eso, a serlo lo suficiente como para ser el primer QB elegido en el próximo Draft, puede ser que sea su gran debilidad para triunfar en la NFL.

Couldn't agree more. They have a "pros" section that says Goff has precisión, and a "cons" section that simply includes "Cleveland Browns," so you know they must be legit.

And for some reason, a valued Twitter user alerted me, apparent infographic wizard Antonio Losada took the time to recreate the entire career of Barry Bonds with lines and colors.

Every plate appearance. Every dinger. Every walk. You just scroll and scroll and scroll, and they're all there. Then you get to about 2001, and laugh and laugh at all the red lines that dominate the rest of his career.

"I am am very excited to watch Barry Bonds in his last trip to Yankee Stadium, so I have sold my telephone to buy tickets."

"Oh, okay, I will just go die now, alone and without a telephone."

There are games like that festooned all over, but you understand why when you see some of the multi-game stretches he would put together.


Like, you want to yell at the Diamondbacks for being weenies, but it's not like they didn't know what he just did, either.

And then the advance scout filed his report for his team. "This is a baseball player who has held on too long. He cannot play baseball, and you should not sign him when he is a free agent in three months." Satisfied, he then ate a pair of shoes and put sandwiches on his feet.

Anyway, it's a fun website on the World Wide Web. Waste some time on it. Bookmark it. There is the career of Barry Bonds, told in lines and colors. Thank you, Internet.