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McCovey Chroncast #20 - Season Finale with Bryan Srabian!

What plans do the Giants have for social media this season? How will the Giants pitching hold up during the regular season? And how does this week's fun game tie into BATMAN v SUPERMAN?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Doug is back! I give him an overview of everything he's missed, Giants-wise, over the past three weeks. And then we try to figure out exactly what the Giants' Spring Training *means* for the upcoming season and if it's time to start panicking. Sure, they're just Spring Training numbers... but what if they're not?

In this week's "Know Your Foe" segment, we talk to Eric Stephen of SB Nation's Dodgers blog, True Blue LA, to get a better sense of the Giants' primary NL West foe. And then we spend a good chunk of time talking to the Giants' own Vice President of Brand Development and Digital Media, Bryan Srabian! He's kind enough to stop by and talk about what he does every day as well as the Giants' approach to social media.

We'll be going dark for a couple of weeks, so this is our last Twitter Q&A and the game of the week. When we return, we'll be shifting the format to review the regular seasons games of the week.

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