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McCovey Chroncast #13: Dan Szymborski Trolls Us

ZiPS creator Dan Szymborski streams by to school Bryan and Doug on trolling, east coast weather, and Hearthstone, which is supposedly way better than Magic: The Gathering.

The Duke Boys never returned home.
The Duke Boys never returned home.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Is Hunter Pence going to leave the Giants to become a professional gamer? What is Hearthstone and is it contagious? Dan Szymborski answers the important questions for us.

This week's Chroncast chronicles everything from baseball to trolling to Skynet to Bill Murray-led heists and to Star Trek. Perhaps a smidge too much about Star Trek, in fact, as we play a game where we try to figure out which Star Trek crew fits a particular Giant best and what role that player might have on that particular ship. But only you, fair listener, can be the judge of that.

Dan manages to troll Bryan, affirm Matt Duffy, denigrate the Giants for daring to wear orange & black, and pitch a revolutionary method for resuscitating old TV shows that have long since left syndication. There's also a heady discussion of mortality that might be a great conversation starter here, even: "Who was the first great baseball player younger than you to make you realize your own mortality?"

Also, we answer some of your Twitter questions. As always, your feedback is encouraged in the comments below.

The Chroncast is available on iTunes! It's also syndicated on Blog Talk Radio! Want the RSS feed? Click here. Or, simply stream from the embed directly below. As always, you can download the podcast here. Spread the word!