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Matt Cain scratched from throwing session, is fine

Matt Cain had a cyst removed from his right arm, and he'll throw again in 10 days.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Cain was scratched from his throwing session on Thursday, and in the hour between that news and the Giants' statement on what was wrong, there were deep sighs and valid fears. It was just a cyst on his upper right arm, and he'll be throwing in 10 days. He'll be fine.

At least, he'll be fine when it comes to this specific injury. But if anything, that hour of darkness and speculation showed us just how ready most of us are for the bad news that spring training likes to keep in the clubhouse fridge. For the rest of Cain's career, any news about him missing a start or a throwing session will be met with the same resigned despair.

On the other hand, he's fine this time. Ten days! Cain will hardly be missed, and when he's eased into a two-inning spring start, the rest of the rotation will probably be throwing two innings in their starts, too.

But Matt Cain was scratched from a throwing session, and you immediately started to think, "Chris Heston, Clayton Blackburn, Tim Lincecum, Chris Heston, Clayton Blackburn, Tim Lincecum, Chris Heston, Clayton Blackburn, Tim Lincecum," like you were programmed to. Hopefully, this is the last time you'll have to think about that for a while.