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ESPN, Keith Law release Giants top-10 prospects list

Christian Arroyo is at the top, like you figured, but an interesting right-handed arm snuck into the middle of the list.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I ... I think this is the last list. Which means baseball is starting soon, and that's a good thing, but it also means that there are no more lists. Goodness, how I love lists. My favorite part is where the baseball people rank the baseball things.

Today's entry is from ESPN and Keith Law, who rolled out their top-10 list of Giants prospects. As with the other prospect lists, it's not like you can yell at them or the people who made them. Well, maybe Chris Crawford, just because, but this just isn't a farm system that's built for polarized, unresolvable debates. It's a farm system with more than a few intriguing prospects, but no superstars at the top, and everyone basically agrees with that description. Rank the unproven toolsy types at the top, or stick with the draft pedigrees and professional performances, your choice. The Giants' system welcomes all beliefs.

The list:

  1. Christian Arroyo, SS
  2. Tyler Beede, RHP
  3. Lucius Fox, SS
  4. Phil Bickford, RHP
  5. Clayton Blackburn, RHP
  6. Jalen Miller, SS
  7. Jordan Johnson, RHP
  8. Adalberto Mejia, LHP
  9. Chris Shaw, 1B
  10. Sam Coonrod, RHP

And that allows us to update the master table, likely for the last time.

Baseball America Baseball Prospectus John Sickels ESPN McC community Mine
Christian Arroyo Christian Arroyo Tyler Beede Christian Arroyo Christian Arroyo Christian Arroyo Christian Arroyo
Tyler Beede Lucius Fox Christian Arroyo Phil Bickford Tyler Beede Tyler Beede Phil Bickford
Phil Bickford Tyler Beede Phil Bickford Clayton Blackburn Lucius Fox Phil Bickford Tyler Beede
Lucius Fox Jalen Miller Lucius Fox Tyler Beede Phil Bickford Mac Williamson Lucius Fox
Chris Shaw Phil Bickford Sam Coonrod Sam Coonrod Clayton Blackburn Clayton Blackburn Sam Coonrod
Sam Coonrod Sam Coonrod Kyle Crick Chris Shaw Jalen Miller Lucius Fox Clayton Blackburn
Aramis Garcia Chris Shaw Jalen Miller Aramis Garcia Jordan Johnson Adalberto Mejia Chris Shaw
Clayton Blackburn Kyle Crick Chris Shaw Lucius Fox Adalberto Mejia Chris Shaw Aramis Garcia
Jarrett Parker Aramis Garcia Steven Okert Andrew Suarez Chris Shaw Sam Coonrod Mac Williamson
Adalberto Mejia Adalberto Mejia Josh Osich Jarrett Parker Sam Coonrod Chase Johnson Adalberto Mejia

If there's a wrinkle on Law's list, something that sets it apart, it's the inclusion of Jordan Johnson, who had been oh-for-prospect-list before this one. Law explained that one in the team capsule:

Jordan Johnson is the system's sleeper, a 22nd-round pick with a mid-90s fastball, curveball and change, and a delivery he repeats well for command, but with no history of staying healthy -- he threw 59 1/3 innings in 2015, and threw 9 2/3 innings total at Cal State Northridge in 2012-13.

I'm still struggling to keep Jordan Johnson straight with Chase Johnson, so maybe this will help. I just wonder if there's an obnoxious nickname we can make for them if they both happen to make the majors at the same time.

If you're wondering if this ranking affects the consensus Giants top-10 list from last month, it does not. The order remains the same,

  1. Christian Arroyo
  2. Tyler Beede
  3. Phil Bickford
  4. Lucius Fox
  5. Sam Coonrod
  6. Chris Shaw
  7. Clayton Blackburn
  8. Jalen Miller
  9. Aramis Garcia
  10. Kyle Crick

Or, if you want some truth in advertising, the consensus list might look like this:

  1. High-contact GiantsCo™-brand middle infielder
  2. Sinker-chucking mid-rotation guy
  3. Live-armed wild card
  4. Toolsy young shortstop
  5. Live-armed pitcher without the draft pedigree
  6. Dingers
  7. Mark Buehrle from the right side, unless he's Jerome Williams without the velocity
  8. Toolsy young shortstop
  9. Hit-and-throw catcher who needs work on catching
  10. Boy, if he could just throw strikes

As sad as I am to see the end of the lists, they do usher in the start of the minor league season. Hopefully, a couple of the above players can go bananas and force their way onto every top-100 list in baseball. Though I would probably settle for 40 dingers from Shaw if you're offering it.