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McCovey Chroncast #14 - Hello! ... ooo... ooo... Echo... Echo... Echo...

This week's guest is our own Jen Mac Ramos. She brings her scouting knowledge to the table and names a Giants minor leaguer you wouldn't expect as one to watch this year. We also talk about Brandon Belt's new contract and speculate Check it out!

The ol' levitating ball trick.
The ol' levitating ball trick.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

DISCLAIMER: I (Bryan) really, really blew it with our record this week. I didn't use headphones meaning the computer mic captured the audio from the speakers, which in this case the sounds were the wonderful voices of our own groug and our own Jen Mac Ramos. An attempt was made to repair the audio but, alas, I wasn't able to improve it very much. No excuses: I suck. Truly sorry about this, but if you can get through it, you'll hear some good stuff in this one. Also, there's a tangent on Mike Broadway. Really, REALLY sorry about that, too.

* * *

One of McCovey Chronicles' own, Jen Mac Ramos, joins us on the Chroncast to talk about prospects, Brandon Belt, the San Diego Padres, and Batman vs. Superman (which comes up in this week's game Belt / Barry / Thrill).

Come for Jen and Doug, consider leaving because of the echo, but stay for the Tyler Walker reference.

And since we're now over a dozen Chroncasts deep, what sort of changes would you like to hear us make (besides not having an obnoxious echo on the soundtrack)? How can we improve the Chroncast (currently the highest rated podcast in the history of iTunes)?

That's right -- the Chroncast is available on iTunes! It's also syndicated on Blog Talk Radio! Want the RSS feed? Click here. Or, simply stream from the embed directly below. As always, you can download the podcast here. Spread the word!