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Giants trade Chris Heston to Mariners

The Giants turned a roster crunch into a player to be named later.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at New York Mets Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants, needing to clear 40-man roster space to make room for Mark Melancon, have traded Chris Heston to the Mariners for a player to be named later. This is better than losing Heston on waivers, which was going to happen when they designated him for assignment tomorrow.

We sure had some times, though, didn’t we? We sure had some times.

It wasn’t surprising that Heston had some suitors, as we talked about earlier on Wednesday, and he’s going to a good ballpark for his sinker-friendly ways. He should have a much better opportunity to crack a 25-man roster, so good for him. Although, it will sure sting when he turns into the next Doug Fister.

Now it’s time to speculate inappropriately about what kind of player the Giants would target in the Mariners’ system. Can’t be a top-10 prospect. Should probably not be at a position the Giants aren’t flush with in the lower minors, like outfield. I’ll guess it’s them taking a chance on a lower-strikeout guy that a scout somewhere took a shine to.

I’m going to guess it’s Art Warren. There is absolutely zero evidence for this guess. But I like to guess. Here’s their organizational pitching depth chart, and here’s their organizational hitting depth chart. Try it! It’s fun.

Or maybe they’ll just go for the best name. Johmbeyker Morales basically has “John Bowker” for his first name. Sold! Tony Zych would let the Giants tie the Mariners for the all-time Aardsma-to-Zych record. Sold! They could probably get Justin Seager, run him through the psyops department, and see if he would turn on the family. Sold!

The Mariners have a pitcher named Andres Torres.

This is a sign.

Until then, we’ll just have to wonder, and the Giants won’t have to give away a viable piece of pitching depth for nothing. And we’ll get to watch the no-hitter for the next 50 years.

One more time, with feeling:

Thanks for that, Chris Heston, and good luck.